5 minute playtime You are preparing to play a game. A name catches your attention. It sounds like a trick.

By @Justas_Dabrila
During Ludum Dare 46.
Postjam editing by Jay "Vanguard" Fothergill.


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Alright, to influence less people in their voting I've decided to leave my review here on itch.io instead.

Well, the box didn't lie it was about 5 minutes. First impressions:

  • I'm not a fan of strictly text-based game jam submissions, as I'm someone whose fallen into the trap of converting some of mine into this format at the last second just to have any content at all. But I do like Twine. You did add a couple of mini-games so that's nice. 

Further Comments:

  • On innovation I won't be giving anything too high, while meta commentary is uncommon in the jam-game genre, it's so popular in writing that somehow this game seemed a lot less original than it probably is. It really reminded me of https://semruk.itch.io/man-of-sorrows which is supposed to "tell the story of a programmer struggling with balancing his job/game-dev ambitions" but it was obviously a commentary for the mindset of someone participating in a jam. I'd highly recommend you play it a bit for some nice ideas on what other analogies you could have sneaked in here. But again, your game was only about 5 minute--
  • Except that it loops forever! Not an issue though, that was definitely intentional on your part and acceptable on mine as the player, since it gave me a second chance to replay the games I'd lost before; unlike an average jam entry which is typically unrefreshable or has some other finicky behavior when you replay it.
  • Good job, you caught my attention! I think the game's strongest suit was its humor, because this was what I enjoyed the most out of it. It wasn't the level of meta commentary, it wasn't the mini games, what made the game fun for me was what made it funny. 

Nice job, I wish you the best of luck (^_^)

  • Tips for beating It Must Not Wither:
    • Keep water near 1.0, 
    • as the plant grows its consumption seems to increase but the safe-amount is slightly above 1.0. 
    • Too much will drown it, so don’t over-click. 

Do this and your plant too can produce fruit!

  • Tips for beating To Keep Me Alive:
    • Rest->Scavenge->Rest->Scavenge
    • Repeat until you’re at 20-25 food
    •  and then rest until you get to 10 Energy. 
    • Now just click travel 10 times to win!

Do this and you too can arrive at your destination!

Tips for beating In A Game Wherein:

There are none, the ride never ends.


I am preparing to write a comment. It will be nice because the games elicited a chuckle from me. I consider mentioning the looping was nice even if there were only two minigames. As a source of pride I managed to complete both.

Cool concept for a very meta game :D